An established and reputable builder

When you’re looking for a builder you can trust JLBS Construction has extensive insurance cover to protect you and your home. Giving you peace of mind, insurance brokers only cover builders that are reputable.

A higher level of insurance than many builders

If you want additional security Contract Works insurance offers a level of cover that protects you against loss during the build caused by -

Offering you a level of cover that isn’t offered by all builders, you’re even covered for loss and damage to materials and fittings.

Do you have a particular insurance concern? Let us put your mind at rest. Call JLBS now.

Complying to all legal requirements

Providing insurance cover to protect people and belongings, our insurance covers –

Would you like to know more about the level of cover your building project will receive? Call now or contact us. If you want peace of mind, JLBS has created an insurance package to deliver just that.