Guiding you through the planning process

Offering you a stress free process from start to finish, JLBS acts as your project manager making sure your planning requirements meet your technical specification perfectly.

With you at every step of the way

Providing you with a level of care designed to make your project run smoothly, JLBS will help you anticipate planning needs relating to –

Helping you create a successful planning application

When you submit a planning application your council can take several weeks to respond. If you don’t want the risk of your application being rejected, JLBS makes sure your planning application is spot on.

Dealing with planning issues

Supporting you with expert advice and guidance, in the unlikely event that you need to change your plans JLBS will -

If you want to a builder who makes planning look simple call JLBS now.

Plans that comply with building regulations

If your project needs to meet health and safety requirements JLBS will tell you that from the outset. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from using a builder capable of working to the highest standards.

Getting your paperwork right

Providing you with all the detail you need for Building Regulations applications, JLBS also handles your local council -

If a smooth planning process with work carried out to the highest standards is what you’re looking for call or contact JLBS today.